Welcome to St. Luke College of Education

The Institute is not restricted by the boundaries of the syllabus. It brings the latest educational and technological inputs to match the changing needs of a global society.
The Institute has an innovative Mentorship Programme for the students. The Mentors look after the conduct, performance, and all-around development of students in small groups. Environmental awareness and education is an integral part of helping in spreading awareness, conservation of the rich bio-diversity of Haryana.
This is done through the active participation of the students. The Institute has tie-up with various industry giants to provide value-added certifications to the students which they can add-on along with their routine curriculum

Our Vision

  • To Strengthen Teacher Education;
  • To Communicate effectively;
  • To Think creatively, and appreciate aesthetic expressions among Pupil Teachers;
  • To Demonstrate intellectual curiosity among students;
  • To Spread knowledge of self, society, human cultures, the natural world, and human; relationships to God through the diverse category of B.Ed curricula.

Our Mission

Teaching is a key component among all the world professions. So keeping this thing in mind we are dedicated to work heartily for the overall progress of our Pupil Teacher. Empowering our students to fulfill their academic and professional passions in a Teaching World, that is diverse, welcoming, and inclusive for all students, faculty, and staff.  Creating innovative connections among open minds and develop creative thinkers who will meet the challenges of teaching. Encourage college students to embrace enterprise, self-confidence, creativity and social justice in all their endeavors. Our working motto is to encourage and inspire free thinking and individualistic mindsets among students and teach them to be game changers in their chosen profession. To create a culture of innovation and inquiry and show students that they are powerful actors in society .Promote the virtues of scientific method, research and scholarly inquiry so students can bring important critical thinking skills to their pursuits outside of college

Message from the Desk of Chairman

Mr. K.G. Adlakha

Greetings from St. Luke College of education

St. Luke College of education is an institution that is now well known for its commitment towards excellence promoting Teacher Education. The centralized point of our college is the students whose holistic development and character building is the primary objective of the institution. With pupil teachers fired with determination to excel, a competent and dedicated faculty, meticulously designed curriculum and the optimum infrastructure, the St. Luke College of Education has grown to be a reckoning force in the world of education. This is achieved by focusing on the needs of the individual student and providing the best socio-ecological environment according to his/her specific need. I am overwhelmed with both emotions & responsibilities. But I do overcome that by providing you the best education you can dream of and you must fulfill your own dreams, your parent’s wish and the institution’s goal and the nation’s pride.

The college Endeavour’s to empower students from all walks of life by using different pedagogical tools and techniques, mentor-mentee programs, online teaching-learning, fieldwork, internship programs, teaching skills, aptitude and placement cell. During this pandemic, college provided every type of support to its students to overcome the many challenges that were faced.

Message from the Principal’s Desk

Dr. Jharna Gupta

A Unique Platform to share my thoughts and views

St. Luke College of Education was established in 2008 affiliated to C.R.S.U. Jind, working with the esteemed aim of promoting and achieving excellence in Teacher education, to promote the virtues of scientific method, research and scholarly inquiry, so students can bring important critical thinking skills to their pursuits outside of college and are able to reflect their personality by making their teaching at the highest level of Self Knowledge