In the modern scenario wherein there is a cutthroat competition of being successful. The life of a normal man has no place for patience and time for refining the soul. When all the comforts and materialistic things fail to provide satisfaction and peace to life, sports and physical education come into the picture. It’s an urgent need of the time to incorporate sports activities for the evolution of humans, from just a student or technocrat to a complete man.

There is also evidence that increased physical activity is associated with enhanced mental health, improved cognitive (mental) function, aspects of self-esteem, and reduced depressive symptoms in young people. we focus on why encouraging our students to move more and sit less (if they can) is a priority at this trying time. The benefits of physical activity for young people are widely recognized, and during COVID-19, moving more and sitting less is very important to help students maintain physical and mental health. We deliberately focus on being inside; although if guidelines allow, getting outside is also beneficial


Over the week, our included activities are that stress muscles and bones (like yoga and jumping) and some to help promote movement skills (involving balance, coordination, and body awareness).  These guidelines are based on evidence that more active young people have better health outcomes, including cardiovascular and bone health, muscle fitness, and weight status. As with adults, immediate benefits of each bout of activity may include reduced anxiety and a ‘feel-good effect.

Aims & Objective:

This department aims at the holistic approach of the development of a sound human brain, body for:

  • One can develop leadership qualities
  • Can help mankind
  • Can be self sufficient
  • Develop high esteem and confidence
  • Be physically and mentally fit
  • Can work as a team
  • Can express himself freely
  • To make mental stability and relaxation

Facilities & Infrastructure:

The college provides its students with a state of art facilities for all kinds of sports and games. The most popular adult sports and activities in college campus:

  • walking (recreational)
  • Yoga
  • Table tennis.
  • Fitness or gym.
  • Cycling
  • Bushwalking
  • Running or athletics.
  • Football or soccer.